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This site offers the most up-to-date information on the Tiiveni TV Player, including the latest downloads and news.

The Tiiveni TV Player is an application developed for the "MyP2P" forum and Tiiveni's own family. The aim is to develop a very simple user interface that anyone can install and use. The Tiiveni TV Player collects all the active live TV streams in one place to make life easier for everyone.The task of unzipping pass-worded text files and copying/pasting streams to make new playlists each night was too time consuming. So, the Tiiveni TV Player will do all the work, automatically, for you.

The Tiiveni TV Player is made as simple as possible.There are, alternatively, good players avalable for "expert" users (see the links below). 

Screen shot of the Tiiveni TV Player:

Screen shot of the Tiiveni TV Player



This website does not download any streams from internet TV providers, and does not list any links to internet TV streams. This site does not upload or download any data from internet TV providers and does not make any internet connections with internet TV provider's servers.

This website has applications that can be downloaded that show how internet TV can be viewed. This is for educational purposes only. Users of the software should NEVER play a TV channel unless they first make sure that they have a valid subscription for that channel. Contact me here "Tiiveni.TV (at) gmail.com" with a list of channels and providers that you have paid for and I can inform you if you are allowed to watch the TV streams. 

If you decide to watch a TV channel, then the applications here will make an internet connection between YOUR computer and the internet TV provider that streams that channel. This website is not responsible for any punishment that you receive if you do not follow the advice in this disclaimer.

Thank You!

Big thanks go to ctl2 and Abdre3000 for the scripts and to DMW for all the help that he has given everyone over the years.


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