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To make the player a favorite of the british armyboys and girls, it might be a good idea to include the mil.radiostations(and even give them a seperate spot on the list.)


Aldershot Garrison FM             mms://rs2.radiostreamer.com/gfm02

Catterrick Garrison FM             mms://rs2.radiostreamer.com/GarrisonRadio

Coldch/E Anglia Garr. FM        mms://rs2.radiostreamer.com/gfm03

Salisbury Plain Garr.FM           mms://rs2.radiostreamer.com/gfm05

Edinburgh Garr.FM                    mms://rs2.radiostreamer.com/gfm04

Army Talk Radio                          mms://rs2.radiostreamer.com/armytalk

The Army had decided it wanted to have it's own radio service for its troops based in Britain and as part of an Army Communications Initiative, the radio station was contracted to broadcast an entertaining mix of music and chat, with an emphasis on bringing Army News to soldiers, their families and the wider Army Community - This it has continued to do and from that exciting start, great things have been achieved along the way, including the opening of more &. and more & Garrison Radio Stations.



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