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   As far as I can determine the new news channel  'ABC News 24'  is the only Australian channel being broadcast live on the internet.. it is geographically restricted to Australia in the same way the UK channels are restricted to the UK.  Would it be possible for you to get it running on your player. It would be much appreciated if you could.  It can be found on the ABC site here...     www.abc.net.au/news/abcnews24/      Thanks for the great job you are doing.

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The link to the player of the stream is here:


Then it tries to download this file:


Which results in the page being downloaded:


But, as you can see it is all Geo-blocked.

Sometimes the streams are not really geo-blocked, only the website page or playlist is geo-blocked.

I think that this stream is really geo-blocked and well protected.

We never use streams here that are geo-blocked, only streams that are sent without geo-blocking.

Thanks you for the link. It is really appreciated. Australian links are not very common! :)


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Don't forget Sky News Australia-----------has been online for 2-3 years without any major interuptions................and ABC Kids Austr!


ABC KIDS   http://2onlinetv.com/tv/broadcast.php?id=958

SKY NEWS AUSTR.    http://2onlinetv.com/tv/stream.php?id=475


Edit!!Checked out the SNA stream,and it looks like a video beeing run i circles all the time......

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................but found a live(?) ABC newsstream.....

ABC NEWS AUSTR.      http://ntcomputers.ge/uploads/ABC_News_Australia.asx

A-Pac AUSTR:              http://www.a-pac.tv/stream/256k.asx

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...........and nine news(??)is on livestation



Or:     mms://broadband.netshow.ninemsn.com.au/broadband/news/story1.wmv

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Thanks for trying Tiiveni.. pity you can't get that stream.  Unfortunately live tv from Australia is pretty well non existent apart from sports feeds pirated & streamed by enthusiasts mainly during the footy season.  :/

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