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The player starts up with bbc1-radiostream.Why not add the live radioone-studiocam instead of the wmpapp.?

Would make the player look even better(if it's possible!:))


BBC Radio one livecam:         http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/webcam/webcam1/

BBC five/live  livecam:              http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/inside/webcam.shtml


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Hi thoss!

I have already neen working on something similar here:


I have done all the BBC local and national stations, but it screws up when I use them with Internet Explorer (that means that it screws up with the Tiiveni TV Player too). Once I can fix the layout nicely then I plan to add these to the Tiiveni TV Player. 

The webcams could also fit in there too, and the audio. It is just hard to find enough time to do all of these ideas! The problem is also that any changes like this stop the keyboard controls and make yet another volume control for people to use. This may be a step too far for some, I don't know if people will prefer it or not. Perhaps 2 versions Old & New is best!

Thanks for all the help this year! Happy Christmas Mate!


Tiiveni TV

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