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"Electric Sofa" is to launch three new free channels in the UK(will also be streamed over the net)in february 2011....but what have they done.......?The official site is a copy of this exellent forum....so you obviesly must have some fans out there,Tiiveni!!

Take a look here!




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I just tried to leave a message asking if they have the permission of the original owner for this site and they ask to log in. I tried login with this sites login and it asks me to register. Obviously not the same site. It looks as if it is a stolen site trying to get info. I would avoid going to this site and giving information until Tiiveni returns and advises us of any changes. :mad:

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James Williams
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Dear Phil, or Firefly22

Thank you for your email.

This website design is actually a free template available from webs.com, who own it, and indeed are currently offering it as a free site worldwide, indicated by the ads at the botttom of all the pages. It has been used by a number of small businesses across the world, according to Webs - Webs are the owners of the design and template, and have legally licensed it to Electric Sofa.

It is not owned or designed by Tilveni TV, which you can verify by clicking on the Create a Free Forum at webs.com, at the bottom of this page, which is an add-on template to the Free Site, or by clicking on the Create a Free Website at webs.com at the bottom of the other pages on this website. This is also indicated in the inclusion of the webs.com in the site address above. This template is called Waveform SD.

I noticed that you've posted that we are a 'stolen site trying to get info' , and in the email you sent us, you appear to be implyiing something similar. I would be grateful if you would correct this, as it is quite obviously not the case. I would also be grateful if you would correct or remove this on any other forums where you've posted these comments.


Thank you in advance for your help


James Williams

Viewer Liaison and Compliance Officer

Electric Sofa Media

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James Williams.

Thank you for the information supplied. Obviously I have made an error of judgement in thinking that the website layout being stolen. It looked very strange that two different people making free tv available would use the same template. I jumped to conclusions without first finding out the reason. I appologise if any offence caused as it was not meant too. I was only trying to protect Tiivani and the excellent work he does in producing free tv, along with many helpers. When you read other websites they get annoyed because people take their programs and post it as their own, which should not happen. I did say it looks as if the site is stolen and was not a direct accusation. No other posts have been made to any other site. 8)

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