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I can't seem to get any of the (US) Channels to work, and others, such as Animal Planet, Discovery etc, just display the media player with a 'placeholder' picture top left corner, then do nothing.

Am I missing a plugin?? I have VLC and Silverlight. Not sure what else to check?





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Sorry Mate!

They all went down yesterday and I was working on them last night trying to get them back. I have only got 6 back again so I plan to keep trying for one more night before I update the channels.

Hopefully, soon we will get at least some of those (US) channels back again.

Thanks for the feedback, it is good to know that you have noticed :)


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OK, only 6 channels will ever work, the old loop-hole has been fixed.

ABC, CBS, The CW, PBS, FOX and NBC are back on.

Now I need to find some more US channels from another source


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Any update with US channels. Most are not working now. Looking for PBS Kids.

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veticode. I am sure Tiiveni won't mind me posting this link. http://myiplayer.com/home.php Not sure what country your in but if you click on the country flag at bottom right corner, there are many US channels working. Not sure about pbs. I do not need a proxy here in Spain to watch all channels, but I think you will need one for the Catch up program. Good luck. 8)

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Sorry that it took 1/2 year....but here you go...........                                                                         PBS KIDS: http://nowwatchtvlive.com/2011/07/watch-pbs-channel-live-free-online-pbs-tv-channel-stream/




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