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Hi everyone

I am new to your site but not to downloading and streaming tv as living abroad its the only way to watch uk telly,

I have a macbook pro and tried downloading Tiiveni TV PlayerI but it doesnt appear to work with the macbook, please if anybody knows, is there an alternative, thankyou for any help


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why is it not streaming people, i done all the requested


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A note to all people who have problems with playing some of the TV programs available now, (Tiivenii TV, Tiiveni's Myiplayer v0.3 and Myiplayer.com) along with a few others, require some additions to be added before these play. If you state what your running, IE Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Mac in your post it would help the moderators and other technical minded people to be able to help more easily. I have installed the following on my PC although not everything is required but sits silently in the background in case they are. Firefox, Windows Media Player Plugin,(plus the one for Firefox), Flash Player, Veetle, Sopcast, VLC (some recommend version 1.0.5, but I run the latest), FLV Player, Silverlight, Stream Torrent and also Net Framework 4. I am not sure whether all these are available for Mac. I am not a technical guy so that is why I have installed all the above. They were required for some of the older programs that were produced. I hope this helps.  8)

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Very good points Firefly. Installing these are useful for the Tiiveni TV Players and also for other TV sites too. 

For Tiiveni TV: Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and VLC (Axtive X control) must all be installed and working correctly. Silverlight and Adobe Flash Player are required for some channels.

At least let us know what channel and exactly what TV Player you are using so that we can help. Also try to describe what you see on the screen.Otherwise, we can't help you.



Tiiveni TV

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