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I am having no luck with any of my UK channels.  Is there something I don't know ?

My iPlayer just shows status 2 connecting to media then an error and back to connecting to media.

Tiiveni UK Flash Player just sits buffering.  Tiiveni Player (19 01 2011) plays BBC Radio fine and when I select a TV channel I just get a black screen.

I use Windows 7 64 bit with the all plug ins and players etc. necessary. There must be something I am missing.

I, as a UK expat have been enjoying watching my UK Tv channels for some time. Thank you to everyone involved.

I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions.

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I have just noticed the same thing, this morning no UK TV! :(

The last few weekends the UK TV channels have gone down, only to come back again on Monday morning! Not good!!!

I will do a fix for the MyiPlayer Desktop Player Vers 0.3 but that's all I can think of right now.



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i watched brit channels all saturday night and did not have a problem . so it seems to be a sunday only problem

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Well I uninstalled, then reinstalled My iPlayer and now have my UK channels back.

Thanks again Tiiveni. I sure do appreciate it.


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