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I am with Europa (worst luck). They have almost given up on supplying viewable UK tv over the internet. I am on 3gig capacity from Europa, my download speed is at best 2.45Mbps, they maintain I only need 3Gig

I have a high end spec HP laptop running Windows 7 - 64 bit

My neighbour uses Tiiveni and needs 5Gig to maintain a continuous stream, He is currently on 6Gig from his ISP

My picture quality from Tiiveni is good, but buffering every 2-3 minutes is very annoying.

Pleas help; getting serious ear ache from my other half not being able to watch her soaps

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rotchie. Not sure what part of Europe your from and you do not say what Tiiveni program you are using. I have 3mb broadband in Spain, and when I use Tiiveni 19012011 I need about 2.2mb and whan I use Tiiveni's Desktop iplayer v0.3 I only need 1.3mb. On the low quality it works with 900kb. The streaming is not down to the player but the streamers and when large amount of viewers are watching it does buffer, especially weekends. Hope this helps. 8)

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hi i am also in tenerife hope i can help you

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Thank you for your help, unfortunately we had to return to The UK due to a family emergency. I will contact you when we are next in Tenerife to try and get half decent reception; as my other half give me ear-ache because she cannot get her fix of soaps

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